Friday, August 31, 2012


Well we haven't updated in a while so I just wanted to let folks know we are still plugging away. Currently Beth and I are working on putting together the many results we have been looking over for the Family Finder tests at Family Tree DNA ( We have three men that have taken the family finder test for Isaac Jr.'s line and in addition my mother has now submitted a Family Finder test for this line. Beth will be ordering the test for her brother Scott and she has her own results to add for her Jesse C. line. Autosomal DNA is different than YDNA or Mtdna as we inherit autosomal dna from both of our parents in mostly a random mix. The Family Finder test looks to see how closely you relate to others based on shared stretches/segments of autoDNA. It can judge pretty well up to five generations if you have a common ancestor. The great thing about the test and how it matches you with others is the ability (if they have one) to look at others Gedcom's to see if you can find out how you match with them. We have made some interesting discoveries already with Isaac Jr's line and comparing all three of the men and their matches. I will right a short summary after I am done making a chart for the matches we have found using this method. In addition Beth and I have a DNA surprise coming in about two months when the results are in, so watch for that!

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  1. Wondering if you guys are still researching. contact me at if so. According to my records and minimal research I too am from the Jacobite Daniel Mcpherson's line and am interested in finding more.