Thursday, April 5, 2012

Port Tobacco and La Plata

Maryland is one of the most beautiful places. The Old Stagecoach Road running along the water is not to be missed. It is still very rural and one can almost see the horses and wagons of yesteryear. As you drive this narrow unchanged route you will see the life of our ancestors. It is so lovely we wonder why they left in the first place. It is amazing that in modern times this locale has remained unchanged. We have included photographs of the land.

The old village of Port Tobacco is there to tour also. It is just off this main road. The road is lined with place signs telling who lived where. After following the land this is truly rewarding. At the end of the road is Chapel Point where the St. Ignatius Catholic Church stands. It is the oldest Catholic Church in the nation. Chapel Point is mentioned in many early records so this is especially moving and the cemetery views are unsurpassed.

This church was founded by the Jesuits who were brought  to America on The Ark and The Dove ships that founded the Maryland Colony in 1633.Richard Nevitt co owned The Dove. He was the great great grandfather of Elizabeth Nevitt who married our Daniel McPherson. Richard McPherson, eldest son of Daniel was named for Richard Nevitt.

LaPlata is also close by and is the County seat. Many of the wills and documents were recorded there for our ancestors. The old Courthouse is lovely but it was under repair so was closed to us on the trip. Hopefully we will get to see the inside and record search next trip. When seeing all of this you will get a sense of yourself and your family. It was a great experience!  This is where it all began for us in America.    


  1. Hi
    I did not see much about the descendants of William McPherson, immigrant around 1715.
    Some of his descendants can be seen in the recently released 1940 Census.
    To find them, Look for the ED (election district) for Aquasco in Prince Georges County, Maryland; then find them on the next to last page of that district.
    Hugh Tornabene, husband of Cathy McPherson from Aquasco.

  2. Hi Hugh glad you are taking a look :) We plan to eventually get a lot more information about everyone from Charles County. We will write a bio of each of the Heads of the four branches with time and then a bio for each of their children if we can manage it. Thank you for letting me know which district to look for them in the 1940 census! I am going to volunteer to help index the 1940 census, I imagine this will take several years. Your time, effort and research through the years is deeply respected! You have done much to inspire our own research.