Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jesse McPherson of Muhlenberg, Kentucky Part I

As far as I have been able to determine there are two Jesse’s in Kentucky at roughly the same time frame. (1790 ish) If you search Jesse McPherson of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky you will see many have connected him in trees and websites to Stephen McPherson of Chester County, Pennsylvania (who removes to Loudoun County, Virginia). If you search Jesse McPherson of Bath County, Kentucky you will find the same story, he is also shown as the son of Stephen McPherson; as if the Jesse’s are the same man. Sorry to say, but I believe this is just plain bad research or lack thereof. I believe the Jesse McPherson who is son to Stephen McPherson actually resides in Bath County, Kentucky and I will show (hopefully) here why I think so. This post will be part of a series I shall do on the two Jesse's, so stay tuned.

The best evidence of Jesse in Bath is in the naming of his sons. He names a son Stephen McPherson. In addition I have census images (shown here) both from 1800 showing the two Jesse’s living in separate counties of Kentucky. It would be somewhat absurd to assume that Stephen McPherson Sr. named two sons Jesse. So who is the father of Jesse McPherson in Muhlenberg?

Apparently I saved the index pictures instead of the census images themselves but here are the census index images, census images to follow:

Note: parts of Montgomery County, Kentucky became part of what would be Bath County, Kentucky.

After researching Ann "Nancy" Ash, Jesse McPherson of Muhlenberg’s first wife I have guessed, without strong evidence, (more of a preponderance) that Alexander Wilkinson McPherson may be the best candidate for Jesse’s father. Hopefully with records I can explain myself.

I should like to get in contact with someone that is researching Jesse McPherson of Bath County, Kentucky to share information if someone is out there looking. However, for this next couple blog posts I am focused on Jesse McPherson of Muhlenberg.

Jesse McPherson of Muhlenberg was born in Virginia (possibly Maryland), February 15, 1765, and died May 14, 1849. His first wife Ann “Nancy” Ash was born February 16, 1772, and died August 25, 1822. Jesse and Ann married September 4, 1788 (possibly Virginia but I have not seen a marriage record yet). They had ten children together: Rev. William McPherson August 10, 1789, John B. McPherson August 27, 1793, James McPherson Abt. 1796, Alexander McPherson December 27, 1801, Lewis McPherson September 14, 1803, Jane McPherson abt. 1804, Nancy McPherson November 21, 1805, Jesse McPherson August 15, 1810, Amos McPherson January 10, 1813, and Alney McPherson July 6, 1815.

After Jesse’s first wife died he married his sister in law. Jesse’s second wife was Sarah (nee Johnston) Ash who was first married to Ann “Nancy” Ash’s brother Amos Ash. Amos Ash died approx. 1814. Jesse and Sarah married January 20, 1824 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. They had at least two children together: Jeremiah McPherson and John M. McPherson at this time I do not have any further information on the last two children I will follow up with something about them soon. Stay tuned for part two: More about Jesse of Muhlenberg.



  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Actually I grew up around family that came from Jesse directly.He did travel wasnt originally from Ky.but brought family and made a life here in Ky.Many families had children die young and many times named their children the same name as family,Census taker miss hear and miswrite the wrong data give or take spelling and years.I had a librarian tell me my own mother wasnt born in Ky.Yet she was and mispelling of her name was giving wrong information.I have kin from two of Jesse's son's